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Edinburgh Art Fair Part II of II

Here is the Final Part of two Posts giving details of our current exhibition at the Edinburgh Art Fair, The Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, which opened to the public on Friday 16th November (11:00 – 6:00 pm) and runs until Sunday 18th November  2012, (closes 5:00 pm).  So as to give you a taste of what is being displayed, here is the second group of 5 artists containing: Noriko McTavish, Suzanne Mitchell-Henry, Julia Nicholson, May Snaddon and Annie White.  Just click on their names below to read more about the artists.  If you have any queries about any of the works shown in these Posts, please leave a comment for us in the space below, or you can always e-mail us at:  Better still, … why not come down to our Stand No. B10 at The Corn Exchange, Edinburgh, and see for yourself what the actual works look likepaintings always look better ‘in the flesh’, as it were!

 Noriko McTavish has 4 works in oils of wide-ranging variety, Suzanne Mitchell-Henry is new this year to our stand, showing some abstract ‘Waterflows’ and oils of Cramond & North Berwick, Julia Nicholson specialises in cats and colourful flowers,  May Snaddon has 8 works in acrylic/watercolour including 2 of Canada, while Annie White has some Edinburgh watercolours plus poppies in oils, as follows:-


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